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Have You Checked Out The Bigfoot Mapping Project?

When researching the Florida Bigfoot or Skunk Ape, it is challenging to identify quality data that is easily accessible. Products available in the Bigfoot community often have limited functionality and accessibility. This leaves researchers with the frustration of sourcing and aggregating data from multiple databases. Existing data sets are not standardized and typically are available in text formats only. The Bigfoot Mapping Project was created to address the lack of centralized information and encourage future reporting. This application broadens the scope of reported information by providing functionality such as spatially tagging reports as well as attaching image files to the submitted report. Additionally, users can view the depth of both historical data and recent reports in conjunction, on a map. is not only workstation ready, it is also mobile friendly. This allows users to interact with the map by viewing their location inside the map portion of the website from their mobile device and easily identify whether they are within range of a reported sighting. Furthermore, users can also log their sighting by capturing their location information from their mobile device. Try it out!!

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