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We are a serious no-kill Florida Bigfoot and Skunk Ape research team that uses proper research investigative techniques and various scientific methods when conducting investigations throughout the state.  We are based in the Central Florida area and are experienced research individuals with 30+ years of hunting, tracking, research and investigation experience.


Our dedicated research team spends countless hours going on research investigations every weekend in the deep swamps and woods throughout the state of Florida in search of these elusive creatures. Our goal is to bring scientific evidence to the Bigfoot and Skunk Ape community and to raise awareness of their existence in Florida. 


Our team has investigated various areas throughout the state of Florida.  Research investigation areas include the Green Swamp, the Everglades, Ocala National Forest, Myakka State Park, Myakka State Forest, Colt Creek State Park, Half Moon WMA, Apalachicola National Forest, Goethe State Forest, Hungryland Preserve, Corbett WMA, DuPuis WMA, the Upper and Lower Hillsborough County tracts and various areas in Pasco and Polk Counties.

Our research team has found and documented numerous footprints, shelter/nesting like structures, asterick, lean-to, teepee, and ‘X’ type structures made of sticks and branches, mysterious unidentifiable hairs, objects being thrown at us and have experienced vocalizations, whistles, knocks, clacks, orbs, and tree falls that we believe could be associated with Bigfoots and Skunk Apes.

Research team founder Marie Dumont also has a popular group on Facebook and YouTube channel called the ‘Mid Florida Bigfoot Research Group’.  The intention of her Facebook group is to provide a safe place where our research team and fellow Florida researchers and group members can collaborate and share their findings and knowledge with each other, without being ridiculed.


**NOTE:  All comments on this website are the opinions of the Mid Florida Bigfoot Research Team.

Information on this site may not be copied, modified, etc. without express, written permission from Marie Dumont - the founder.

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Kerry Arnold - Bigfoot Odyssey

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